About Hotel Oregon

Our tour starts at this 1905-built historic four-story hotel and pub, where we will sample seasonal offerings and set the mood for our beer ambles in McMinnville. As a member of the 26-brewery family of McMenamins Breweries, we will discover how two brothers with a dream grew a single bar into beloved juggernaut of pubs, hotels and restaurants with a flare for fine ales.

On Tap – Ruby Red Ale

This is a light, easy-drinking beer that warms up your taste buds and embodies the spirit of summer! The popular raspberry ale turned 30 in 2016, and is crisp and refreshingly fruity. Each batch contains 42 pounds of Oregon-grown and processed raspberry puree. Ruby Red Ale is a favorite mainstay of McMennamin’s line-up of classic hand-crafted pours. Others include Sunflower IPA, Hammerhead, Black Rabbit Porter and a bevy of popular seasonals like Jam Session ISA.


Malts: Premium 2-Row, Maltodextrin
Hops: Chinook
Calories: 172 Carbohydrates: 17.2
OG: 1.040 TG: 1.008 ABV: 4.13 IBU: 5 SRM: 4