What’s The Mustache Club?

Many people ask us, “Can’t I just visit these McMinnville Breweries on my own and save some money?” The answer is YES, but the downside is missing your chance to join The Mustache Club. Joining our tour is a community experience, providing new friendships, local history tidbits, luscious lager lore, introductions to brew masters and the boundless enthusiasm of our guide! At the end of the tour, you will experience the “Presentation of the Mustaches.”  This is your souvenir, and our way of saying thank you, for joining the McMinnville Brewery Tours family!

Then, you might want to write a review like this!

Fun Tour Guide + Tasty Beer = Great Night Out

“I was in town for business and signed up for this tour as a solo traveler. Alan, our awesome tour guide, greeted me enthusiastically and made me feel at home on the tour. The beer was tasty, and his stories were well told, as were the jokes along the way. His endless energy, and knack for storytelling allowed the group to really loosen up, and made for a great evening. Definitely recommended for anyone wanting to try something different.”


Alan is full of stories

“We went on the beer tour on a quieter night so had an intimate tour with Alan. Alan was full of stories and knowledge and told  stories with excitement…  and was able to answer questions I had about the city. His enthusiasm for his job shines through and makes the experience that much more special.”

mustache club

Photos and Reviews Courtesy of BeerQuest Tours of Portland, OR. When in Portland- check out BeerQuest Tours!